best final pose ever~<3

What is Takki’s dream job?
hint: It involves almost naked men

Takki’s precious little face when he told the story about how Tsubasa came all the way to Fukuoka to watch his Takizawa Kabuki show on Takki’s 32nd birthday. Apparently Takki didn’t know about it and was really surprised when he suddenly saw a “tough-looking man” in the audience. Tsubasa had arranged a birthday party for Takki and the cast (a men-only party, as usual).Tsubasa’s impression of the show: “Takizawa, you’ve got awesome abs!”
We still don’t know about the present since Tsubasa didn’t bought it with him to Fukuoka to save the luggage but according to Takki it wasn’t Tsubasa himself since “he didn’t have a ribbon around his neck”.~

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